Use Driclor to get rid of excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is one of the very common problems of our daily lives. It can be irritating for us because the excessive sweat can disturb our daily chores. To get rid of excessive sweat Driclor can be used. It can be used as an anti perspirant which is available as a roll on.

Stiefel Labs,UK make Driclor which consists of 20% Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate as one of the active elements in alcohol.

Places where Driclor is obtained are Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, UK and Singapore.
In USA it is not found instead of it USA sells Maxim as an anti perspirant.

Driclor is used as an anti perspirant to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

The ammonium chloride present in the skin blocks the sweat glands. The point where the sweat gland temporarily stops the production of fluid, ammonium chloride helps the sweat glands to exert the pressure of the fluid within it so that it can stop the production. The drug is applied at night because then the sweat glands are less active and it helps to produce less sweating in the next day.

Instructions before using
Some basic instructions should be followed before using Driclor which include:-
1. It should be ensured that the areas to be applied with the drug should be dry and it should not be applied on irritated or broken skin.
2. One hour at least should be left after bathing to apply the drug.
3. Any shaving cream or hair removing cream should not be used at least 24 hours before applying the drug.

How and when to apply the drug?
The drug should be applied on the affected areas as per the instructions stated below:-
1. It should be the last thing to be applied at night when one is totally relaxed and ready for a good night sleep.
2. The skin should be totally dry when applying it.
3. The areas treated with the drug should be washed and dried properly the next morning. The drug should not be applied again during the day time.
4. It should be used every night till the excessive sweating stops during the day. Then accordingly the use can be reduced gradually into twice weekly and after some days once weekly and it will be used very less.

Precautions to be undertaken
There are certain precautions which should be undertaken while using the drugs. These include:-
1. The drug should be applied or used externally.
2. It should not be applied near the mouth or the eyes.
3. It should not come directly in contact with metal surfaces especially which are polished.
4. It should not come directly in contact with the clothes. While applying on the skin at night plastic sheets can be put between night clothes and the skin for extra protection.

Side effects
The area where the drug is to be applied can irritate or redness can appear on the surface so less often it should be used as per the instructions of the doctor.